<center>Baby Photographer, Chandra Lee has photographed over 350 newborn babies 10 days of age and younger.  Chandra is well known for her beautiful baby pictures.  To view Chandra’s baby photography pictures you can visit her web site here:
<a href=”http://www.chandraleephotography.com” title=”Baby Photography Pictures”>Baby Photography Pictures</a>
Chandra uses beautiful hats and accessories for her photography of newborn babies.  One of Chandra’s favorite vendors is Unique Kidz.
Unique Kidz was founded in 2009 by Allison Walker. After crocheting a few hats for her girls, Allison discovered that a relaxing hobby had the potential to become a sustainable home business. Unique Kidz started small with a few simple styles of crochet hats for babies and children. Today, Unique Kidz is now evolving into an emergent company with over 300 handmade products for babies, toddlers and pre-teen boys and girls.  
Visit <a href=”http://www.unique-kidz.com/” title=”Unique-Kidz”>Unique Kidz</a>  for beautiful baby hats and accessories.

About livinlifasnamaw

I'm a Grandma and I'm loving every minute of it. I do REAL REVIEWS about REAL products and tell it like it is!

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