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My husband and kiddos all have amazing eyelashes…long, dark, beautiful lashes. I on the other hand am lacking in the eyelash length. So when I heard of Younique I was intrigued but had a few questions.

winterfest 004LASHES


What is it?

It’s mascara! It’s not false eyelashes or extensions. You do not have to glue anything to your face or your lashes. It’s a three (quick) step process. Gel. Fibers. Gel. All goes on just like normal mascara.


What if I don’t like it?

There is a love it guarantee. Return it within the first 14 days and get your money back (minus s&h) Return it 15/30 days and get 80% of your money back (minus s&h)

How much is it?

$29 for a 2 month supply (more depending on how much you use it)

Can you feel it?

Nope. Lashes are soft. Touchable. Safe for contact lens wearers (like me).

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